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1.A.cake    B.custom    C.center     D.cover
2.A.rush    B.duck      C.truck      D.Butcher
3.A.check   B.change    C.chemistry  D.chocolate
4.A.cousin  B.south     C.ground     D.Thousand
5.A.lab     B.table     C.math       D.attack
6.Tom, hurry up,__________you will miss the school bus.
A.and     B.or    C.but     D.then
7.The room__________as a laboratory for nearly two years till now.
A.is used  B.was used  C.has been used  D.had been used
8.--Morn,do I have to go to bed now?
--Yes, you___________。
A.can   B.will   C.may   D.must
9.Many artists find it hard to___________a living from art alone.
A.do    B.make    C.have    D.take
10.James had never seen Brando again,__________was really a pity.
A.who    B.what    C.which    D.where
11.Excuse me,what time is it___________your watch?
A.to     B.by     C.on      D.with
12.Welcome to our house ! I' 11 have Hudson__________ you around in a minute.
A.show     B.to show     C.showing     D.showed
13.She spoke___________fast that I could not catch a word.
A.too     B.very     C.such     D.so
14.Take your computer to John, and he__________it for you.
A.repairs   B.will repair  C.has repaired  D.had repaired
15.You'd better__________ more clothes. It's snowing outside.
A.put away   B.put up   C.put down   D.put on
16.Jack is __________ news reporter and he likes__________ job very much.
A.a;the    B.the;the    C.the;a    D.a;a
17.It has been almost five years __________ we saw each other last time.
A.after    B.before   C.since    D.when
18.He knows__________ about the city ,for he has never been there.
A.everything    B.something   C.anything   D.nothing
19.With all his homework__________ , the boy was allowed to watch TV.
A.finished  B.to finish  C.will finish  D.having finished
20.--Can I get you some more fish?
A.Yes, please          B.I' m sorry
C.That' s all right    D.It doesn't matter
Yuichiro Miura lives by the saying that nothing is impossible. For him, that means climbing Qomolangma, the world's highest mountain, at the age of $0. He _____21_____to climb it for the _____22_____time next month. He reached its top at ages 70 and 75. If he succeeds this time, he will _____23_____the record for the oldest person to climb the 8.844-meter-high mountain.
The record, _____24_____,is not what pushes him on. Instead, he wants to know how a person of his age will______ 25____and deal with the terrible cold, _____26_____air and low oxygen (氧气)levels on such a high mountain. He believes those _____27_____will add 70 years to the age of his body once he _____28_____to the top. His daughter,Emili Miura, ______29____others that he will feel like someone 150 years old.
"Nobody ever lived that long, and he' s so _____30_____to know how it would be like, "she said. "He would like to know what is the____ 31______of humans. "Emili Miura said her father thinks that one should always set a higher _____32_____for oneself and try to achieve it.
Yuichiro Miura faces more dangers_______ 33___health problems. He has had three heart operations in _____34_____years, and he suffered two ____35______bones in a sport accident in 2009. Nobody would say it' s wise for an S0-year-old person to make the climb,but Mr. Miura believes that nothing is impossible.
21.A.begs       B.plans       C.needs       D.Refuses
22.A.first      B.second      C.third       D.Fourth
23.A.break      B.check       C.achieve     D.Improve
24.A.anyhow     B.therefore   C.however     D.Meanwhile
25.A.exist      B.advise      C.work        D.Feel
26.A.thin       B.clear       C.fresh       D.Cool
27.A.desires    B.conditions  C.operations  D.Advantages
28.A.gets       B.leads       C.turns       D.Sticks
29.A.warned     B.persuaded   C.told        D.Promised
30.A.sure       B.afraid      C.proud       D.Curious
31.A.end        B.aim         C.limit       D.Fact
32.A.goal       B.order       C.rule        D.Example
33.A.instead of B.because of  C.in favor of D.in front of
34.A.most       B.early       C.several     D.Recent
35.A.burned     B.broken      C.destroyed   D.Grown
Looking for Pen Pals
Mary,24 years old, comes from Scotland and would like to find a pen pal(笔友)who comes from East Europe. She likes playing the piano and listening to jazz music. She is interested in history but does not like discussing politics.
Jim, 19 years old, comes from South Korea. He would like a pen pal who is interested in discus-sing the differences of life in Europe and Asia. He loves traveling, listening to pop music and playing football in his free time.
Pietro,42 years old, comes from Argentina. He is a businessperson and would like to find a pen pal who is also a businessperson and lives in North America. He likes using the Internet and listening to light music.
Helga,31 years old, comes from Germany and speaks French, English and Russian. She would like a pen pal who is interested in exchanging (交流) ideas about language learning. She does not like using computers for learning and believes that language learning can only happen in a class-room.
Jennifer, 18, comes from New Orleans. She is interested in discussing the political differences
between East Europe and North America. She loves horse-riding and listening to jazz music.
Alessandro,25 years old,comes from Rome. He is interested in finding a pen pal who speaks different languages and can exchange ideas on using computers for learning purposes. He likes playing football in his free time.
36.Who are interested in the same kind of music?
A.Mary and Pietro.    B.Pietro and Jim.
C.Jim and Jennifer.   D.Mary and Jennifer.
37.What hobby do Jim and Alessandro have in common?
A.Traveling.          B.Playing football.
C.Horse-riding.       D.Learning languages.
38.Who is interested in finding a pen pal from the business world?
A.Jim.   B.Pietro.   C.Jennifer.    D.Alessandro.
"Are you crazy?" people around him shouted as Alex mien, a 33-year-old immigrant(移民), ran toward three cars in a chain accident along the highway in Miami, which were burning down. Alex didn't think twice.
    The article"Against the Flames" reported how he put out the fire on a car and pulled a couple out of another. But when he returned to his own car, steam was coming out from it. It was damaged beyond repair.
    Back in his tiny flat, alone and with little money, Alex didn't know what to do. He was already working, going to college and supporting his wife, Aline, and children back in Haiti. He worried about his wife's health ;doctors thought she had cancer(癌症). Every cent was important to him. And now this.
Within weeks of reading the article, readers sent hundreds of letters offering jobs, money and best wishes. One delivered a car--used, but in fine condition. Others helped Aline come to Miami,where a medical team found out it was not cancer.
Readers also wrote to U. S. government officials to support the immigration of Alex' s family to Miami. Consul General Roger Daley even invited Alex to discuss the matter. Aline, together with their children ,joined Alex in Miami this past March. Alex says, "I would like to say a beautiful thanks to the readers. There are good people everywhere in this world. "
39.Why did people say that Alex was crazy?
A.He had an accident.
B.He made a fire on the highway.
C.He burned his car.
D.He ran toward the burning cars.
40.What do we know about Alex from the text?
A.He and his wife worked in the U. S.
B.He was a full-time student in Haiti.
C.He was an immigrant with little money.
D.He wrote the article "Against the Flames".
41.What did Roger Daley invite Alex to discuss?
A.Alex' s new job as a news reporter.
B.The medical treatment of Alex' s wife.
C.Alex' s further studies at a U. S. university.
D.The immigration of Alex' s family to the U. S.
42.What made Alex say "There are good people everywhere in this world"?
A.Some strangers repaired his car free of charge.
B.Some people supported his children' s education.
C.Many readers of the article tried to help him out.
D.His friends sent doctors to treat his wife in Haiti.
In January 2004, a 20-year-old woman ran a red light while talking on a cell phone. Her car knocked into another car crossing with the green light directly in front of her. The police found the driver never touched her brakes ( 刹车) and was traveling 48 mph when she hit the other car. The police were told that the driver was not looking down, pressing buttons. She was looking straight out of the windshield(挡风玻璃) talking on her cell phone as she passed four cars and a school bus.
Vision is the most important sense for safe driving. Yet, drivers using cell phones are likely to"look at" but not "see" objects. It is said that drivers using cell phones look but fail to see up to 50percent of the information while driving. Drivers are looking out of the windshield, but they do not really deal with the situation on the road.
Although the public appear to be turning against cell phone use while driving, many admit they regularly talk or text while driving. The police say that nine percent of the drivers at any given time are using cell phones, and about one in four car accidents are directly related to cell phone use.
Using cell phones while driving has become a serious public health threat (威胁). A few states have passed laws making it unlawful to use a hand held cell phone while driving, but these laws give the false message that using a hand-free phone is safe.
43.What was the woman doing when the car accident happened?
A.She was busy pressing buttons.
B.She was talking on her cell phone.
C.She was looking at the red light ahead.
D.She was looking for something in the car.
44.The word "vision" ( Paragraph 2 ) refers to the sense of
A.taste    B.touch    C.hearing    D.Sight
45.What is the percentage of the car accidents caused by drivers using cell phones?
A.9%.     B.25%.      C.45%.      D.50%.
46.What do we know about the laws making it unlawful to use a hand held cell phone while driving?
A.They are not perfect.     B.They are not necessary.
C.They are not practical.   D.They are not important
Many people thought babies were not able to learn things until they were five or six months old.But doctors now say babies begin learning,,on their first day of life. A baby will smile if his or her mother does something the baby likes. A baby learns to get the best care by smiling to please her mother or other care givers. This is when babies learn to connect and "talk" with other people.
Language skills are believed to develop best in the first three years when the place is rich with sounds and sights. Scientists say children should hear the speech and language of other people again and again. The first signs of communication(交际) happen during the first few days of life.when a baby learns that crying will bring food and attention.
Research shows that most children recognize the general sounds of their native language by six months of age. By that time, a baby usually begins to make sounds. By the end of their first year, most children are able to say a few simple words, although they may not understand the meaning of the words. By 18 months of age, most children can say between eight and ten words. By two years of age,most children are able to make simple sentences. By ages three,four and five,the number of words a child can understand quickly increases. It is at these ages that children begin to understand the rules of language.
47.When do babies begin to learn according to doctors?
A.Right after they are born.
B.Not until they are five months old.
C.When they are six months old.
D.As soon as they are one year old.
48.Babies will smile when
A.they are wet or hungry
B.they want to get the best care
C.they want to talk to others
D.they learn sounds and words
49.What do most children begin to do from age three or older?
A.Make sounds.        B.Make simple sentences.
C.Say a few words.    D.Understand language rules.
50.What would be the best title for the text?
A.The Language of Babies      B.When Do Babies Learn to Talk
C.The Roles of Cry and Smile  D.How Babies Understand Words
( Waitress = W ; Henry = H)
W : Star Restaurant. ______51____?
H : Yes. I' d like to book a table for dinner this evening.
W : _____52_____, please?
H : My name is Henry James.
W: _____53_____?
H : Four people. Can we have a table by the window, please?
W : No problem, sir. ______54____?
H : We' 11 arrive at 7: 30.
W : All right, sir. I've taken everything down.
H :Thank you very much.
W: _____55_____.
上午:汉语、英语、国画课程  下午:中国文化与习俗讲座
注意:1.开头已为你写好2.词数应为100左右  生词:文化culture
Dear Tim,
How are you doing recently?
Li Hua
【解析】本题考查时态。句意:这个房间迄今为止已被当作实验室将近两年。从时间状语“for nearly two years till now”可知,句子的动作一直持续到现在,并且有可能继续下去,因此应该用现在完成时。
【解析】本题考查固定搭配。句意:很多艺术家发现仅靠艺术难以谋生。make a living为固定搭配,意为“谋生”。
【解析】本题考查使役动词的用法。句意:欢迎来到我们家!我马上让Hudson带您四处转转。本句中have是使役动词,have作使役动词时.后面有两种形式,即have somebody do somethin9和ha、)e something done。have somebody do something意为“让某人做某事”。
【解析】本题考查动词短语辨析。句意:你最好多芽一些衣服。外面正在下雪。put away意为“收起来,放好”;put up意为“张贴,建造”:put down意为“放下,记下”;put on意为“穿上,上演”。根据句意可知,应选D。
【解析】词义辨析题。由上下文可知,Yuichiro Miura计划在80岁来临之际再登上珠穆朗玛峰。plan to do something意为“计划做某事”。
【解析】推理判断题。由下文可知,Yuichiro Miura已经分别在70岁和75岁时两次登上珠穆朗玛峰,所以这一次应该是第三次。
【解析】词语搭配题。整句话的意思是:如果他这次成功的话,他将打破世界纪录,成为成功登上这座8844米高山的年龄最大的人。break the record意为“打破纪录”。
【解析】词义辨析题。Yuichiro Miura想知道像他这样年纪的人在那样高的山上面对可怕的寒冷、稀薄的空气和缺氧的情况会感受如何以及如何应对。feel意为“感受”。
【解析】词语搭配题。get t0意为“到达”;lead to意为“通向,导致”;turn t0意为“转向,求助于”;stick to意为“遵守,忠于”。这里是指到达山顶,故选A。
【解析】词义辨析题。他的女儿Emili Miura告诉别人她的父亲会感觉像l50岁的老人。warn警告;persuade劝说;tell告诉;promise承诺。根据句意可知,应选C。
【解析】词义辨析题。根据上文可知,Yuichiro Miura想知道人类的极限。end结尾;aim目标:limit限制;fact事实:故选C。
【解析】词义辨析题。Emili Miura说她的父亲认为一个人要经常为自己设立一个高一点的目标,然后努力去实现它。set a goal意为“设立一个目标”。
【解析】短语辨析题。根据下文可知Yuichiro Miura的身体情况不太好,所以他由于健康原因而面临着更大的风险一because of意为“由于,因为”;instead of意为“代替”;in favor of意为“支持”;in front of意为“在……前面”。故选B。
【解析】词义辨析题。他最近几年做了三次心脏手术,而且在2009年的一次运动事故中两根骨头骨折。本句时态为现在完成时,所以用in recent years:recent意为“最近的”。
【解析】事实细节题。最后一段的第一句说有的读者写信给美国政府,让他们帮助Alex一家移民到迈阿密。然后大使馆的总领事Roger Daley就邀请Alex去谈论这个事情。由此可知Roger Daley是和Alex讨论移民的事情。故D正确。
【解析】词义猜测题。文章的第二段一直在讲人们开车时的视野问题,指出人们在开车过程中打电话时或许是在盯着车外看,但却注意不到车外多达50%的事物。所以猜测vision在此是the sense of sight的意思,即“视觉”。故D正确。
51.【答案】Can I help you
52.【答案】What' s your name/May l have your name
53.【答案】How many people( are coming)
54.【答案】When/What time will you arrive
55.【答案】You' re welcome
56.【答案】One possible version:
Dear Tim,
    How are you doing recently?
    I'm writing to invite you to join us in a summer camp. Our school plans to have a four-week summer camp, from July 15 to August 12. There' 11 be both Chinese and international students. In the mornings, we' 11have classes including Chinese, English and Chinese painting. In the afternoons, there' 11 be lectures on Chinese culture and customs. On weekends, we' 11 tour around the city and visit some places of interest,such as the Great Wall and the Summer Palace. We are sure to have a lot of fun together. So what do you think of it?
I' m looking forward to your early reply.
Yours,Li Hua